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Cathy Brown - Cathy Brown Photography

What did Cathy Need

Cathy is a well established Photographer and has been in the industry for over 10 years, her diary is full months in advance and when Cathy got in touch to see how she could up level her business we decided that introducing an online program is the way to go! The course DIY Brand Up Your Business was born.


After working together for some months, Cathy wrote her online branding program and needed a website to host the program and put it into the world. I built Cathy a website front end, and a program section so her customers can purchase her online program and have their own log in so they can work through each step of the program.

"If you are looking for a hard-working dedicated trustworthy web developer that goes well beyond any that I have ever worked with before then, Clare is the person to choose. She really works well beyond the parameters of building a website including supporting with ideas and advice. When building a website it’s often hard to actually visualise how it can work or how it should work. With Clare’s expertise she is able to create an amazing attractive functional site that blows you away. You can truly see and feel the dedication and time that she puts into all that she does. She is an amazing business woman with fantastic advice and wonderful online support, and website and so much more."

Cathrine Cook

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