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18th July - Post Prompt


I want you to talk about a problematic situation that your clients regularly find themselves in, and walk them through how you, as the pro, would deal with it.

Note: the situation or problem should be specific to what you do!


HAVE FUN WITH THIS! Remember – you’re building a relationship with your followers. And a relationship involves showing up, time and time again, expecting nothing in return. It can be scary to put yourself out there but when you start seeing it as a way to have fun and be creative, people can feel the difference in how you show up!


Here is an outline you can follow:

  • Share the problem your clients typically face

  • Share why you think this is a problem

  • Share how they can solve this problem, step by step [if it helps, create an outline]


Here are some examples:

  • If you’re a personal stylist, maybe you share with people how you’d go about choosing an outfit to wear that day. OR how to choose the *right* outfit to buy for an event. What things do they need to keep in mind? How would YOU do it? Remember: give away as much value in this story as you can!

  • If you’re a photographer, maybe you talk about when you ideal client wants to get that PERFECT group photo without making it awkward.

  • If you’re an energy expert, maybe you talk about how to control your energy in the midst of a conflict with a loved one.

If you sell a physical product, talk about some problems that people typically face when buying your type of product.

  • If you sell candles, share the problem with a certain type of wax and why you use a different wax.

  • If you sell jewellery, talk about why certain metals don’t work well and why your products use different materials.

  • If you sell clothing, talk about sizing issues and how they can find the right one.

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