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31st July - Post Prompt


Today’s prompt is to share any success stories with clients that you’ve had. Do you have any testimonials you can share? Any before and after photos? Any video testimonials? Today’s the day to share them with the world!



Feel free to either just post them with no sort of introduction, or start it off by excitedly saying that you’re going to share some kind words from some of your favorite clients. You could say that you’ve been getting a lot of questions about the work you do, and that you wanted to share what some of your clients have had to say about working with you.


Here’s a general outline you can use:

  • Announce that you’re going to share some of your favorite client success  stories

  • For each story, share:

    • Who they are

    • What it was like before they worked with you

    • What it was like after they worked with you

    • Share their testimonial in their own words (can be a quote or a video)

  • Wrap up your story with how they can work with you (but avoid overselling – let the client stories speak for themselves)


If you have a product based business, share reviews that talk about what someone’s experience was like with similar products and/or shares how your product is better.


Don’t have any testimonials? Share anything that’s going to validate the work you do. Whether it’s a statistic or an article from a reputable source, anything that’s going to help show that what you do works and that you can deliver is going to be applicable here.

Still feel stuck? What can you do to validate your follower’s feelings on your topic?

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