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3rd July - Post Prompt


People are more likely to buy from people who they know are authorities in their industry. Today’s prompt is to share one of the first things you learned about your topic that sparked your curiosity and made you think, YES I want to do this for a living!



Share one of the first things you learned about your topic that fascinated you. This is not only a moment to share your initial love for what you do, but also a moment to teach your followers something they may not even know.



Don’t know what to post? Here’s an example to get you started:

If you’re a financial advisor, maybe it was the concept of a budget that initially made you fall in love. In this case, feel free to share with your followers the most basic concept of a budget. You can even explain to them that obviously, you know much more about budgeting today than you did back then, but that this was what first made you fall in love and decide to be a financial advisor.

Remember – these prompts are here to inspire you and act as a catalyst. Feel free to run with the idea, even if it evolves into something completely different! Whatever you do: KEEP IT UP!

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