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Goodness what to a 63 year old woman, with a brain that doesn't know how to shut up.

Reflecting on the last 33 years, like many of us I really don't know how I am still here standing upright.

But I am, 11 years ago I was persuaded to embark on my Reiki journey and have never looked back.

On returning home to Preston 10 years ago, my healing self-esteem self-love and self-worth returned. ln fact Maureen returned with a vengeance and I am so happy she did.

So I stand before you a very independent 63 years old woman who has 2 amazing independent grown who have given me 6 beautiful grandchildren.

Now, I am trying put myself on a secure financial footing, got this far in 10 years but I can't work for ever.

My passion is diabetes, it has been for the last 30 years, reaching the top of my career as a Nurse Consultant - Diabetes. 1 of 30 top Diabetes Specialist Nurses in England.

I don't often share this because I don't like bragging but its time to face this hurdle.

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