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24th July - Post Prompt


Find an industry-related news article that you find interesting for some particular reason and then share your thoughts on it. (You don’t have to actually mention the article itself, although you can)

Use the POLL feature to boost engagement. Encourage your followers to message you and let you know what their thoughts on it are.

Find an article, and let it inspire you to come up with today’s content.

Just remember: you’re not trying to sell anyone anything, you’re just showing your expertise and authority, with the hopes of sparking conversation and engagement.


Don’t be afraid to write an outline of all the important points you want to mention to make sure you stay on track with your topic and avoid rambling.

Not sure where to find this article? Search Google News for topics related to your industry and see what comes up. You can also use Answer the Public.


Here are some examples:

  • If you’re a graphic designer, you might have found an article on Graphic Design Trends that you found interesting and decided to share your three favourite trends.

  • If you’re a network marketer selling make up, you might have found an article on drug store make up brands vs. luxury brands, and decide to share your own thoughts on which is better, and which brands you recommend vs. which brands you’d stay away from.

  • If you are a virtual assistant, you might find an article on “how to be a virtual assistant” that inspires you to talk about the must-have qualities of a good virtual assistant.

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